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Andy and Stew

Around 1993, inspired by local bands like The Prodigy, local DJs like Slipmatt and record labels like Ram Records, Suburban Base, Slammin' Vinyl and Kniteforce. Andy Hunt + Gary Young (Innerdaze) and Stewart Miles (Logik) started composing electronic music in the wild marshlands of Essex in the UK. Their beginnings were very humble. Utilizing only Amiga computers and some really cheap Yamaha PSR series keyboards, they produced some interesting Old Skool Hardcore, Happy Hardcore and Drum n' Bass. The music had soul and imagination but - as could be expected for beginners with the musically technological equivalents of spoons - the production quality wasn't very high. As time went by they all spent their pennies on more music production equipment and worked on improving their production quality.

In 1997 they labeled themselves under the unified umbrella of 9bar recordings. In early 1999 they pressed their first record, the 9bar Recordings E.P Vol 1 (Side A : Desecrated Nation, Side B : Evol I, Silent Cry) which was well received by the UK club land.

Unfortunately, Gary Young left the UK in 1998 for the Canary Island of Tenerife, leaving Andy to toil by himself on new musical endevours. Stewart and Andy continued to regularly crank out music. They worked with a few singers along the way including Stewart's brother Tom - when a member of Rampage Cru - on UK garage tracks. In 2003 Stewart left the UK for sunny California. Since then Stewart (now in the occassionally sunny San Francisco) and Andy (still living near our beloved home town in Essex) - seperated by over 5000 miles - have lost some momentum but are occassionally squeezing out a track or two.

We really hope you enjoy our music.

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Andy and Gaz

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